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Dicro Oy has opened a new factory in Narva, Estonia, in September 2023.
The total production area in the Narva factory is 3550 m2.


We are pleased to announce the expansion of Dicro into Narva, the third largest city in Estonia, where last week we started production in our new factory.

It’s already been some time since the last comparable big leap forward, as Dicro’s Rakvere factory was opened in 2001.

The decision to expand arose from seizing an opportunity that presented itself. A large international electronics contract manufacturer withdrew from the Estonian market for strategic reasons,

so over a hundred qualified wire harness manufacturing professionals were released into the job market in Narva. Once we reached an agreement on the 3550 m2 rental premises,

and the factory infrastructure of more than 150 workstations, the decision to expand was complete.

We procured new machinery worth almost half a million euros for Narva.

Through the expansion, Dicro now has an unprecedented capability to meet the needs of projects that require a lot of production capacity and/or space.

In the words of Dicro’s owner and Managing Director, Jari Eiro, “Now, nothing depends on capacity”. So let’s speed up deliveries and get the orders going.

Just contact our customer service and salespeople in the same old way.